Boutique Music Library
Songwriting and Custom Music

Drag in a reference music file, paste a YouTube link or search by keyword, emotion or genre.



Welcome to Area: TwoTenSix Production Music Library and Custom Music. We are a boutique music library. We have the agility to tackle any project from independent video to feature films, and everything in between. There is no middle man so communication and execution is always quick and simple.

The music library consists of thousands of tracks in almost every style imaginable. All come in numerous versions with alternate mixes and various lengths. All tracks are meticulously edited and produced for use in TV, film and multi-media. 100% completely exclusive, pre-cleared and easy to license.



Every month we release several new albums in a variety of styles and genres. Check out this month's new releases!


Music Production Library
Thousands of the highest quality tracks specifically created for film, tv and multi-media. Search by keyword, emotion or genre, paste a YouTube link or simply drag in a reference music file.

Mixes & Stems
Each track comes with multiple mixes, alternate mixes and stems. Various mixes on original track include: no drums, no lead, beds only, solo instrument, etc. Also separate drum mixes (rock drums, hip-hop, electronic, jazz) and alternate mixes (electronic, glitch, orchestral, urban/trap).

Custom Scoring
With decades worth of experience putting music to picture we can provide custom scoring and orchestration to make your project come alive.

With numerous vocalists and writers on hand we can provide a great song in almost any style.


Spotify, iTunes etc.

Starting this summer all of the tracks in the Area:TwoTenSix library will be available on all of the online streaming sites and stores. This will only include the full tracks and not the stems or sub-mixes for that we create for each track. We have created special playlists featuring our tracks as well as other playlists of our favorite tunes. We will be posting links to the tracks and playlists (as you can see below) on a regular basis.

We also have a ton of new releases for the upcoming summer season including new dance and club sounds, as well as a ton of new soundtrack titles. There is a new video of the newest releases for spring as well as a number of new playlists on our Playlist page.