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Area: TwoTenSix is a full service music production company with an ever growing music library of tracks in almost every imaginable style (plus numerous unique styles). We also provide custom scoring, jingles and songwriting.

Every month we release several new albums in a variety of styles. Each disc has over 15-25 high quality new tracks as well as numerous edits and mixes of each...that's 80 to 100+ cues per disc!


Party tunes


This is all about energy and fun. Anything that’s upbeat, fun and ready to party is in here. Includes dance, club and electronica to funky hip-hop and rockin’ party songs. Collection: Genre: Production: Tags: Mood:



Light themes and moods that support and enhance visuals  without ever getting in the way.  Understated and evolving sounds for that perfect sonic backdrop. Includes quiet symphonic movements, evolving ambient and lite dramatic themes. Collection: Genre: Production: Tags: Mood:



All about the groove…old skool funk, nu-style hip hop/urban and just plain big and funky. These tracks contain anything that is funky. Includes 70’s style funk, nu-disco and funky house, and funked up urban and hip hop tracks. Collection: Genre: Production: Tags: Mood:

Comedy music


Slapstick to funny to light comedy and rom-com. Fun and happy-go-lucky symphonic, to funky and poppy tracks. From the happy to the hilarious. Quirky jaunts to happy grooves to classic symphony spoofs, these tracks aren’t meant to be taken seriously at all. But seriously, they are pretty great! Collection: Genre: Production: Tags: Mood:


Site Redesign

Once again we’ve completely updated the entire website. We’ve included new playlists and portfolio pages to make your search for the perfect track even easier. Hopefully you’ll like the new look.

We are now in the midst of updating the library and adding all of the new titles that we’ve been working on for the past couple of month. Check our New Releases page often to see what’s new and exciting.

Also check out our new Discography page to see a complete list of all the discs in the music library. There will be many new additions as we completely update our entire library so please be patient with us.