Area: TwoTenSix is a full service music production company. We pride ourselves on our world class production library, cutting edge sounds and the ability to make your creative vision come alive. There are thousands of tracks in our library, each with numerous edits designed to fit your picture perfectly. Tracks can be searched, auditioned, licensed and downloaded immediately with ease.

Cutting Edge Music Library

Thousands of the highest quality tracks specifically created for film, tv and multi-media. Find exactly what you need with our powerful search engine.

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Custom Services

Along with the music library, we offer other numerous other services. Custom scoring, songwriting, jingles and sonic branding

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One-Stop Music Licensing

All tracks are 100% pre-cleared for film & TV. Login to license and start downloading tracks immediately. One call does it all.


Featured Playlists

There are numerous themed playlists featuring various music genres, film styles and moods. Our themed playlists are designed to give you a little bit more inspiration when choosing music for your projects. All playlists are grouped into categories/themes and are updated regularly so that you know you’ll always find the freshest, most relevant music.

The Piano

Featuring all of the various styles and moods of the enigmatic piano.


The harsh, painful and exciting sounds of aggression and combat.


From full symphonies to solo strings. Featuring the violin in all its glory.

Urban Soundtrack

Inner city beats with orchestral and soundtrack elements.

New Releases



High energy gun totin’ smash ‘em up aggressive tracks that scream all out action. Tons of Hollywood symphonic cues, ass-kicking authentic metal and rock, all the way to all out screaming electronic and industrial tracks.



Cold, dark and mysterious. These tracks have that otherworldly feeling. Includes electronic beats and ambient underscore as well as synth-laden soundscapes.   Catalog No.: INCD-1012 Released: 2014-08-10 Track Count: 75 (15 tracks x 5 mixes) Music Genres electronica, industrial, orchestral, soundtrack, techno, underscore Film Production action, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, war Tags cold, dark, eerie, epic, machine



Big strings, big symphonies and big themes. Everything about this list is epic. This includes huge symphonies along with epic soundtrack, rock and metal tracks. If it’s big, it’s in here.

World Series

The World Series

Here we have music from all over the world. Some authentic folk styles along with some tracks that incorporate old world sounds with new world beats.

The Music Library

Massive Library

Thousands of tracks in our ever growing library in every genre imaginable.

Extensive Search

Search by genre, mood, film production, mix, and much more...

Edits and Stems

Numerous edits, mixes and stems available for each track

Easy Licensing

Pre-cleared tracks. Easy and clear one-stop music licensing

Latest News


Site Redesign

Once again we’ve completely updated the entire website. We’ve included new playlists and portfolio pages to make your search for the perfect track even easier. Hopefully you’ll like the new look. We are now in the midst of updating the library and adding all of the new titles that we’ve been working on for the […]


100% World Exclusive Content

It seems everywhere you look online there seems to be a prolification of music libraries with thousands of available tracks. The trouble is you never know where these tracks came from or worst, where else they may appear. The last thing any supervisor likes to see is the exact same track being pitched by a […]


The Big Move

It’s official!! We’re officially now east-coasters. We’ve moved everything out of Vancouver and are now based in Toronto. We couldn’t be happier. The music scene here is bustling with activity. We’re still working on getting everything set up so hopefully we’ll have some new tracks for you later in the month. We’ll keep you posted.


Construction Packs

We’re now putting together our construction packs. These consist of tracks all suited to a certain genre and mood. The packs are made up of numerous mixes and edits of tracks geared toward film and TV. There are broken down sections of full-length songs which contain multiple parts for endless mixing possibilities. Tracks are created […]