The Company

Area: TwoTenSix started out while Robert Maddocks was running his own independent studio catering to indie bands and songwriters. After 5 years in operation, he realized that he had created a library of music that rivaled some commercial production houses.

He also realized that as much as he loved running a studio, his talents lie in writing and production. So with years of experience and a full production studio at his disposal, Robert Maddocks opened his new production company.

Since then the library has grown and now includes music of practically every genre and style known to man. The music library continues to grow with titles being added monthly.

Our music has been featured on network television, advertising and independent film. We have also worked with numerous artists, agents and production companies and have always gone above and beyond the call of duty.

The Composer

Robert Maddocks started playing guitar at age 10 and was performing on stage that same year. He hasn’t stopped since. He was playing bass in his father’s country band when he was 14 and by 15 he was playing in rock bands at high school. He went on to study classical music at university where he ended up teaching for a year. He then rounded out his music education by studying jazz and popular music at college where he also spent some time teaching.

After touring Canada playing in various rock and country bands, Robert moved to Vancouver to pursue his lifelong dream of becoming a composer and owning his own studio. He worked as a studio musician, nightclub DJ, educator and composer to pay for his new recording studio. During that time, Robert honed his skills in writing and producing in a number of different musical styles.

Robert also has the ability to play a variety of different instruments including: guitar, piano, bass, drums, violin, sax, and harmonica (to name a few). This adds an element of realism and quality to his creations which go beyond the usual music library productions. Plus, with all of his experience in the studio, he has learned all the tricks of the trade and uses all of the latest technology to create sounds that are both natural and cutting edge.