Spotify, iTunes etc.

Starting this summer all of the tracks in the Area:TwoTenSix library will be available on all of the online streaming sites and stores. This will only include the full tracks and not the stems or sub-mixes for that we create for each track. We have created special playlists featuring our tracks as well as other playlists of our favorite tunes. We will be posting links to the tracks and playlists (as you can see below) on a regular basis.

We also have a ton of new releases for the upcoming summer season including new dance and club sounds, as well as a ton of new soundtrack titles. There is a new video of the newest releases for spring as well as a number of new playlists on our Playlist page.

Site Redesign

Once again we’ve completely updated the entire website. We’ve included new playlists and portfolio pages to make your search for the perfect track even easier. Hopefully you’ll like the new look.

We are now in the midst of updating the library and adding all of the new titles that we’ve been working on for the past couple of month. Check our New Releases page often to see what’s new and exciting.

Also check out our new Discography page to see a complete list of all the discs in the music library. There will be many new additions as we completely update our entire library so please be patient with us.

100% World Exclusive Content

twotensix_libraryfeaturedIt seems everywhere you look online there seems to be a prolification of music libraries with thousands of available tracks. The trouble is you never know where these tracks came from or worst, where else they may appear. The last thing any supervisor likes to see is the exact same track being pitched by a couple of different companies all at the same time.

Well, this isn’t a problem here at TwoTenSix. All of the tracks you hear in our library are here only…only on this website…only available from us. So the next time you’re looking for that perfect track, take a second to go through our expanding library. Guaranteed you won’t find that track anywhere else on earth!!

The Big Move

It’s official!!

We’re officially now east-coasters. We’ve moved everything out of Vancouver and are now based in Toronto. We couldn’t be happier. The music scene here is bustling with activity. We’re still working on getting everything set up so hopefully we’ll have some new tracks for you later in the month.

We’ll keep you posted.